"Only through a deep understanding of market needs and the potential of our products can we be accelerators of social innovation in the service of people."

Arch. Luigina Barbuio


The Regulatory Framework regarding Sustainability is complex and rapidly evolving: the new CSRD Directive, introduced at the end of 2022 by the European Commission, foresees the extension of non-financial reporting obligations, according to the ESG perspective, to all listed companies and large corporations starting with reports published from 2025. From January 1, 2026, SMEs will also be required to monitor all areas of Sustainability for reports published from 2027.

The issue of Sustainability is a topic of great strategic relevance not only because it allows us to play ahead of the Regulatory requirement, but it allows us to assess the impact that the organization has in society and the environment through the continuous comparison, feedback, and involvement of all the actors that are part of the process of our doing business.

This strategy opens our eyes to a world of new opportunities that sees us engaged in the creation of SHARED VALUE.  Activities that mirror our VALUES and PRINCIPLES, and that give rise to initiatives that now take on a stable connotation, integrating to all intents and purposes into the corporate strategy.


Through our lighting systems, we want to realize uniquely human-centered lighting environments. Putting the customer at the center, our proposals are molded to the specifics of the project by providing careful customer care and after-sales service.

Thanks to our flexibility and highly professional staff, our proposals are aimed at improving the lighting system with a view to renovating environments, improving the energy efficiency of facilities, and managing consumption more optimally.

Our goal is to create welcoming, humanized, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly work environments by using light as a source of well-being to improve the quality of the environments in which we live and work.


The multiple customizations of medical systems and lighting fixtures that integrate with the existing furnishings have as their primary goal to improve the hospital atmosphere for the patient, making the care environment as less aseptic and medical as possible.

Starting from listening, from the analysis of the client's needs, passing through collaboration with designers, architects, and engineers specialized in the medical sector, the final product is realized thanks also to project synergies with plant designers, interior designers, and medical gas specialists.

These projects include a careful study of finishes with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of the wall-mounted technical bedhead unit as much as possible, which must integrate lighting functions, medical gas distribution, and nurse call management.

Design work, coordination with other players, and research and development lead to the creation of technical electromedical systems with improved aesthetic and environmental impact. The end result is an efficient and quality humanized system.



Although ATENA LUX can count on an efficient photovoltaic system, the company completes its electrical needs by purchasing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

By enacting a new way of operating extended to all those involved within the company's premises, aimed at conserving resources and limiting consumption, electricity consumption has been reduced by 13% over the past year.

Accomplice, moreover, to greater attention and awareness in purchasing, the new management practices have led to a 60% reduction in PLASTIC waste and a 63% reduction in ALUMINIUM waste.

Through increased training of people and better awareness of the materials used, requiring suppliers to commit to using single-material or otherwise more recyclable packaging, ATENA LUX is moving toward improved waste collection in every production department.


Through the improvement and extension of our channels and the development of tools in the service of design, we are moving toward reducing customer response time, trying to give autonomy to external collaborators, and constantly gaining insights for improvement.

At the end of 2022, the project to develop the BIM (Building Infomation Modeling) library of our bedhead units and lighting fittings began. BIM is more than just a technology: it is a working philosophy that integrates information, collaboration, and coordination at all stages of a project.

Today, with this tool, we can enable the designer to create detailed models of architectures by making them accessible to all team members. This allows designers to explore product features in detail, test their lighting effectiveness, and predict how they will integrate into the environment.

BIM is not limited to the design phase; it extends to the entire product life cycle. Building managers can use this technology to monitor the status of lighting products over time, plan preventive maintenance and provide timely assistance in case of failures. This reduces downtime and ensures that lighting within complex infrastructure, such as hospitals, remains efficient and reliable over the long term.


ATENA LUX's ambition is to help create a professional and social environment that accommodates gender differences and embraces opportunities for integrated leadership.

Through its participation in the initiatives promoted by ConfapiDonne, a group of women entrepreneurs of Confapi Venice, ATENA LUX promotes and enhances the role and image of women entrepreneurs and workers, for a better integration of women in the world of work, their professional empowerment and the enhancement of skills. 

Conscious that every resource can make a difference within the organization, ATENA LUX wants to be a business model that can accommodate peculiarities and needs of the individual, a world where young talents can find their space to grow and express their skills and abilities to the fullest.

We are specialists in designing customized lighting solutions in a short time.
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