Bilancio di sostenibilità


Sustainability has long since become central to Atena Lux's corporate strategy. The ongoing cultural change, which began with the identification of corporate values and the drafting of the code of ethics, has seen a further phase of development, that includes the involvement of our stakeholders for identifying the relevant and strategic issues for the company.

This process has allowed us to map our internal and external stakeholders, that is all those entities that have an interest / impact on the company's activities and in which the company itself has an interest. Following the identification of the "key" ones through a process of prioritization we have involved them directly through questionnaires on sustainability issues.

The analysis of the questionnaires received led to the identification of the issues that have an economic, social and environmental impact on our way of doing business through the construction of the so-called materiality matrix, a graphic representation that summarizes the importance attributed by the Company and from external stakeholders to the various sustainability topics.

This participatory process represents the first step to better respond to the needs of our stakeholders, and the first step for a continuous, correct and effective communication plan capable of guaranteeing and maintaining engagement and dialogue with our stakeholders and generating new opportunities for innovation.

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