"It guides you to illuminate your uniqueness"

For over twenty five years ATENA LUX has been illuminating spaces by placing itself at the service of architects, lighting designers and design studios. The lighting fixtures of ATENA LUX are synonymous with reliability, safety and resistance over time. The enhancement of Made in ITALY is of absolute importance: the idea was born, developed and materialized within the company, according to a continuous update on current regulations, scrupulous laboratory tests and test reports.


"We give light to your spaces in harmonious balance with nature"
Aware of the importance of natural light and contact with nature, Atena Lux's mission is to create an atmosphere of balanced light in the interior that can improve the quality of life and the well-being of people. Inspired by the principle of HCL (human centric light, or with human centric light), with its lighting systems it aims to faithfully reproduce the light of the Sun by following the natural biorhythm that marks the life of each individual. Respecting nature, Atena Lux's lighting solutions put man at the center and provide a perfect integration between light and environment.


Human-sized company
Atena Lux wants to be a company that witnesses a style of sustainable growth capable of transmitting its commitment to making informed choices to guide the innovation of industrial processes and products towards solutions that are careful to preserve resources through solid relationships with stakeholders .
Beginning with the new Code of Ethics, the company confirms the values ​​on which its decisions, actions and behaviors that guide relations with the market and with the communities in which the company operates are based. A tool aimed at all those who collaborate with Atena Lux investing time, work and ideas.