ATENA LUX has a complete range of specific lighting fittings for operating theatres and clean rooms. In collaboration with ATENA SPA, leader in Italy in the production of false metal ceilings, according to specific project exigency the company is able to provide a complete system that integrate lighting and false ceiling. The lighting fittings of TAURUS family are developed to achieve a perfect technical and aesthetic integration between lighting and metal ceiling. These false ceilings are suitable for ceilings construction where ensuring stability between the plenum and the environment below is a need, assuring the maintenance of the environmental conditions required within the operating theatres and cleanrooms. This system is certified for airtightness, resistance to chemical corrosion, micro-particle purity. The panels and lighting fittings, made of steel sheet and aluminum, are also treated with a special antimicrobial coating to help maintaining high hygiene standard in all sanitary rooms.

We are specialists in designing customized lighting solutions in a short time.
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