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Ceiling light fixture, with sharp edges, direct light, equipped with internal sealing gaskets, guarantees total protection against dust and water jets, thus allowing their use in environments such as chemical laboratories, rooms and hospital rooms, salt operating, ...


MOT optic with high transmittance opal methacrylate diffuser inserted in a white painted extruded aluminum frame, fixed to the metal body without screws. It offers excellent light diffusion with high uniformity.
Optics resistant to glow-wire test at 650 ° C according to CEI EN 60695-2-11 standards.
Total IP65 protection degree.

VTR+PMO optic with tempered glass and microprismatic polycarbonate diffuser, protected from UV rays for better resistance to atmospheric agents, inserted in an extruded aluminum frame painted white and fixed to the metal body without screws. Controlled light emission optics with luminance values <3000 cd / m² for emission angles greater than 65 ° on all planes (UGR <19) and therefore compliant with being installed in environments with use of video terminals according to UNI EN 12464- 1. Glow-wire test 850 ° C. Total IP65 protection degree.

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